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The Eight Bucks Experiment Volume Junky BMR017 Damn. I'm telling all of you right now this record will flat blow your mind and stereo. It's that good. It makes Pay Back seem happy, and kind of light. This record is as brutal, fast and as angry as any record I've ever heard. Most of you have heard the song Full Throttle off of this website, it's one of the lighter songs.

The Electric Chapel ep (ODB / Blue Moon) It is dirty, raw and harsh. It has alternate versions of four of the songs off of Pay Back including Marijuana Americana and the Door plus a super fast version of Train Wreck. We didn’t use these songs the first time around because we wanted stuff that was a little more polished for the album. Now we want to put out the gritty ass, stripped down versions.
The Eight Bucks Experiment One Of These Days EP The guys from SLC Punk Surprised us with three tracks in the mail the other day. The songs are taken strait from the movie and were recorded live when 8BX filmed it. We took the studio version of One Of These days and threw on the HEY JOE track and got the whole thing mastered. They only come as CDRs, but at $5. you cant beat the price.

The Eight Bucks Experiment Payback BMR015 cd Take Moterhead, early Smashing Pumkins, and cut it with a hate and distrust. An album that matches the fury of thier live show cord for cord. Has a cameo with Derwood Andrews of Gen X fame. A true watermark punk rock must rise to. By the way this is the best record on this site hands down.

The 8 Bucks Experiment Cockstlaking BMR009 This record is sort of out of press for now. We can 'burn' you a copy and print out covers for $5. The music has been remastered and sounds better than the original



Ed Temple the Act of Gabriel BMR010 CD Strait rock, emo, pop, dirty back room punk, loud soft insightful. A rare talent pool doing the impossible. This album sucks if you have no soul.

Denver Vs Phoenix BMR008 V/A 10" (first press) Pinhead Circus, Mandingo, 8-Bucks Exp., The Gamits, The Familymen, Adams Alcoholics, Dirty Laundry, Substitutes, Aggression Session, Uphollow, Pragmatics, Plinko, And Subject Mad. Two cities going head to head. I think Denver wins by decision, but I could be biased.

Uphollow "Mission to the Moon" BMR003 cd A humorous look at high school, fat free whisky, and the perils of masterbation. A pop punk opus.

Uphollow "Sound Track to an Imaginary Life" BMR012 A strange strange record following a writeres day dreams. The whole thing is one piece of music that never repeats. If you need some cheering up emo kid this record is for you.

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