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Brand New Old Shit

The Disciples of Rock ep

It's about time!!!!! (Sort of)
We have a new record being released on March BS Records called and asked if we had some extra stuff that isn't going to be on Volume Junky that we would like to release. We jumped at the opportunity to put out the last recording done by the original line up. We put everything together got it ready for production and then they pulled the fucking plug. It is still coming out but for now it is a cdr only release. The record is an ep called the Electric Chapel. It is dirty, raw and harsh as can be. It has alternate versions of four of the songs off of Pay Back including Marijuana Americana and the Door plus a super fast version of Train Wreck. We didn’t use these songs the first time around because we wanted stuff that was a little more polished for the album. Now we want to put out the gritty ass, stripped down versions. This isn't bullshit demo stuff either it is chuck full of Dans spaced out creeping death guitar, Paige tearing the fuck out of his bass, Al laying the driving beats, and yours truly screaming his ass off for your daughters and sons.

Because BS Records (the best name for them) ropped the ball so bad we are shipping cdr versions of this now. Anyone that gets a cdr version will also get the real version with all the art when it comes out for real in a couple of weeks.

So for you will get both the cdr and the cd version for $5.ppd. So order the damn record already.

You can send cash or a check to our mailing address or you can use pay pal, or you can e-mail in the order.

2075 S University Blvd. #264 Denver, CO 80210

Because we are trusting souls, we have decided to sells things a little different. You can order stuff from us with out paying for it first. E-mail the order into us, we'll fill it and you pay for it when you get it. If you don't pay for it bad karma will rain down on your soul for eternity. So pay for your shit.

E-Mail Us An Order Don't forget your street address!!!!!!!!!

Blue Moon Recordings

2075 S. University Blvd. #264 Denver, Co. 80210