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Uk Subs They have been making punk rock longer than a lot of our fans have been alive
DRI The lords of thrash strait up. These guys have been so cool to us it isn't even funny. Check out this site just to see all the tattoos of the skanking guy there is.
Leasing Nations. Their site is kind of arty, they how ever are not, in fact they are down right scary.
Paco Garden Records- Dave has been around for years, working toward a day when everyone has shitty hair, and punk rock rattling their brain.
Davis.com This is the home page to MR FOOD. . . Bonus photos of 8BX, and yea he has a link up to the Top Romon page.
Suburban Home How can you not like what Virgel does. He is the man. Dresses like he works at the mall and is punker than all you all. Plus he puts out the Gamits records!
Club tattoo After a kick ass show in Tempe Az. Dave and his crew invited us back to his shop for some free piercing. The shop was super clean, the holes healed well, and after the damage was done we all went back to the hotel and they got us super baked. Thanks Dave!
Rats in the Hallway Stephan started this rag a few years back. To tell you the truth the first issues were a let down. Not anymore, these guys are tearing up the zine world. A must read!!
Mach 8 Jeff is the man when it comes to getting your music mastered. Get a hold of him first. Plus he used to be in the Fairlanes, how cool is that.
Spine Clothes Todd the owner of Spine hooked us up with free clothes when we were in Los Angeles. This guy makes some diznope gear (or is that bling bling?). Check it, check it out y'all.
Gutterfucked a kick ass site full of punk rock clothing
ModCore Cunt Core changed their name to Modcore. I'm moderately disappointed by this.
Rosin core is a band we met in So California, they bring down some metal mayhem, worth checking out
Midwest Bands A list of tones of bands from a bunch of states.. . It's up to you to dig through it's turds and treasures.
Medina NY hardcore. This tiny ass town is a must for the barely legal crowd.
Right Arm Death Threat. Here's the deal. These lunatics are from Michigan City In. The place of the fuck you punx 7" . In the shadow of the power plant they will kick your ass
Chaotic Punx Records My Man Shawn throwing down some anarchy in the Keystone state. Plus he is putting out a live video with footage of us.
Anthrophobia- Kick'n Rawk from Reading PA. Plus they help run a bowling ally that does shows. Frank their singer is by far one of the cooliest guys in R$R.
Slam Productions Putting on punkrockshows or at east a year. Get a hold of mark and see if he can help you with a show in D-Town Brown.
Cigs cheap I haven't tried this place but it beats $5. a pack in NYC
http://www.bk2k.com/bushbodycount/God Save the King.
http://www.mnftiu.cc/mnftiu.cc/war.html Get your war on
www.rocketwest.net Emo-core from the East coast.
www.distrobase.org A bunch of bands
bill harris games. Video Games that we are in. I heard that in one of the games you are a sky diver that does tricks on his way down to our concert in a Stadium. I thought you should do tricks as you fall drunkenly down the stairs of some kids basement.
John Doe Skateboard Mag. Check out our interview in this fine publication. Also the section where people send in photos is pretty slick.

Trollenberg Terror A kick ass band from Texas.

Antiantenna Mastering- We've never used them, so good luck.

the opponents- Punk rock.
If you want to add a link to our page e-mail it to us. The only thing I ask is that yo link us to you. If that anit cool then fuck you.
Oh the new rage, like patches on your back pack. THE LINKS PAGE. Who's on yours, how many are you on, are you on the right ones. Links, links, links. I'm chained to the damn screen.

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