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There has been some confusion on how the ordering works. There are two ways you can do this

1. With a credit card or checking account you can order stuff through paypal.com click on the Add to Cart button for each item that you want. When you get all the stuff you want into the buggy then click on check out and they will guide you threw the end of the process.

2. If you want to pay with cash or check you can e-mail us the order. In the e-mail please include what you want (if you want a shirt put the size and color), and a street address to send it to. We will then fill the order and ship it to you. When you get your gear you send us back the cash or check (make checks out to Blue Moon Rec). I don't know of any company that will send something out before it is paid for, we are obviously trusting people not to rip us off. The world is full of karma and you don't want bad karma raining down on you so please pay for your stuff when you get it.

If any of this confuses you please e-mail me and I will try to clear shit up.

Evan O

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Deal Of the Month
Because of all the new 8BX records coming out right every order will come with a free Ed Temple or Uphollow cd. Yea.

E-Mail Us An Order Don't forget your street address!!!!!!!!!

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