The 8 Bucks Experiment
Ed Temple
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Two new Shirts !!!

The star graphic comes on a small or large black baby doll.

We also now have them on a royal Blue shirt in Large and XL mens.

Small Star Baby Doll black $12.00
Large Star Baby Doll black $12.00
Large Star T-Shirt black $10.00
XL Star T-Shirt black $10.00
The Flag comes on a white shirt Large and X- Large only.
Large Flag T-Shirt White $10.00
XL Flag T-Shirt White $10.00
Sm Banner T-Shirt Black $10.00
Med Banner T-Shirt Black $10.00
Large Banner T-Shirt Black $10.00
Front of Banner shirt
XL Banner T-Shirt Black $10.00
Back of Banner shirt
Sm Oval T-Shirt Black $10.00
Med Oval T-Shirt Black $10.00
Large Oval T-Shirt Black $10.00
XL Oval T-Shirt Black $10.00
Front of oval shirt
2.5 x 5 inch stickers
Stickers are 3 for a buck or free with any order
24 X 36 in posters hand screened and numbered. We sold out the first press of 36 and have repressed 50 more. We swirl the paint so they are all different colors. $10.00
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Blue Moon Recordings

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