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1996 Notes From The Suicide Insecticide Years -Cassette only release, 500 copies. Good luck finding one. I don't even have one. (blue moon)

1998 Cockstalking - Cd 1000 copies, unmastered. Out of press for the time being. If you have to have one, I'll burn you one (We have a mastered version now?!?) (blue moon)

2000 Payback Cd first 1000 copies don't have the address on the back of the cd. Second print run was a 1000 does have address. 3rd run has "morphious" printed on the disc. (blue moon)

Seven Inches

1995 Where do we go from here? split w/ Uphollow. 500 pressed. We threw away about 300 copies of this because both bands hated it so much. I think we have 30 copies left, and we only sell them to people on the mailing list. It is not a pretty record. (blue moon)

1995 Don't Touch Me There 1000 copies, red vinyl. We have less than 50 left. (blue moon)

1996 Blood Sweat and Beers split w/ Four. 1000 copies first print 1000 on the second. (blue moon)

1998 Fuck You Punx vol.1 comp w/ Familymen, Super Buick, and Giant killer. 300 pressed now out of press. check e-bay I guess (blue moon)

2000 Fuck You Punx vol 2 comp w/ Zeke, JCCC, and the Confessions. 1000 first press red vinyl. (blue moon)


1995 Weeds in the Garden (paco garden)

1996 No Thanks To You vol 1. (channel 12)

1996 Denver vs Phoenix (blue moon, dirty)

1998 New Frontier (soda jerk)

1998 SLC Punk sound track, Europe only (Hollywood)

1999 Punk Rock Box Set. I guess the set has 10 discs I've never seen one of them, and I don't remember what song they used.

2002 Disciples of Rock ep. Demo tracks from Pay Back. Raw and un-cut. Better than most studio jobbies if you ask me. (ODB / Blue Moon)

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