Who What and Why

04/06/02 This aint no joke, this is my life.

Back from a shorty.

By the numbers.

Nights out 10

Nights Evan vomited 4

Bass players who quit due to drinking, smoking and dope -1 ( He hates all three. . .why was he on tour with us????? )

Under age girls that picked up on Paige- 5

Girls that turned down Al and the suit- 4

Miles driven 3200

Flat tires 0 (first time in 4 tours we didn't change a tire)

Each line represents one meal for Mr. Food

5 Plates of fried Chicken

A burger as big as your face, quesadilla foot in diameter

2 chili dogs, 3 orders of fries, and two 7 layer burritos


Friday March 15th Denver Cafe Eurphraties.

Large shouts out to my home girl Barbi who helps us with the flyering in an around Denver. No love to the bands that were supposed to bring the PA. The first band did bring one, but they were so trashed the owner tossed them out of the club, along with their PA. No love for the kiddie band that had the back-up PA and a ten o'clock curfew. I guess we'll see you when you mom lets you stay out later. A kick ass show none the less. Extra madness because I was knocked out cold.

Saturday March 16th Indy Nations Co. Springs

Much props to the girls that flashed us during the show. . .It doesn't happen often and it makes me feel like Bon Jovi. . .yea I know that's retarded. Also props to Indy Nation for giving out free beer all night. Let the punks be drunks so I can play that rock and roll.

Sunday March 17 Lincoln St. Punk House Topeka KS. ( Link to extra Photos )

It's gunna be a good time when you pull up to the party and there is a keg flowing in the back yard surrounded by Todd and his gang from Beavis and Butthead. No love to the old guy across the street who kept threatening to call the police. The Lincoln St. Punks are top notch in the land of getting a fade on. Yea.

Monday March 18th Abortion House Lincoln NE

These kids live in a house that used to do back ally abortions. There is something strange in the air for sure. The promoter got hit into a stack of amps and cut his eye pretty good. He then precedes to write his name in blood on the wall. Then some lunatic picks up a huge full garbage can and starts swinging around with it. The fine punks in the room then start hucking the bottles and trash at each other and us. A mess for sure. For some strange reason I wish Joey Decline would have been at this show.

Tuesday March 19th Stacy's in Moline Il

Huge shouts out to Bird and the Provoke camp for making the show happen. We also got to hang with my boy Farley from Circle 7 unfortunately he had to work in the morning and didn't totally unleash himself. Do not mess with the Bare Knuckle Brawlers. They will wreck you. You can how ever mess with the girl letting everyone do shots off her chest ala Tra La La in last exit to Brooklyn.

Wednesday March 20th Fireside Bowl Chicago Il.

The show was a bit of a turd. We played well and the people that came to the show had a good time, but the real juice was after the show. MR. Food took us to a friend of his house. This friend is a guy about 35-40 years old. He played air Guitar to 70's metal for a solid 2 hours. WOW. I mean jumping on tables and generally scaring the hell out of the girls we were with. These aint no pansy chicks either. One of them is a piercer that bit me in the head and kicked me in the jaw. The other on is Brutal Colleen from the guest book who likes to fight anything that moves.

Thursday March 21st TGIF Cincy Oh.

The promoter forgot to do anything (no show, no PA, no beer, no nothing) so we got loaded in a TGIF. Thanks (I think) to the bartender who fed me double Jeagers all night that I proceeded to threw up all over the hotel room. I felt like Vince Neil the next day. Ryan at this point is officially starting to hate this.

Friday March 22nd The Splash Nashville TN

The kids in this town dress up like the guys in the Road Warrior. I'm talking gas masks and shoulder pads with spikes. It aint all country in Nashville.

Saturday March 23rd Dixie Tavern in New Orleans

My favorite venue of all time. The bartender I'm in love with wasn't working but she did show up with prizes. Yea. Every time we have ever played here there has been a fight. This time was no different except it was between members of the second band going after each other on stage. WOW! Fun for the whole family. For the second time on this tour I got cracked in the head when I stood up on the bar and put my head into a ceiling fan. DumB Ass. Also of note the band before us has the coolest name of all time "Eat a Bag of Dicks".

Sunday March 24th Mary Jane's Houston TX.

What I was hoping for to be the best turnout of the tour sucked ass. The venue got changed 3 times the week before the show and it was an $8 ticket. Yuck. Much love to those who did show up. . .The show was pretty damn nuts. AL threw me off the stage and pinned me to the ground with a bar stool during One Of These Days. If you live in Houston and you missed it shame on you.

Monday March 25 Sams Burger Joint San Antonio TX

Another bar with bar tenders I love. We got there early and played late. Absolutely destroyed by the time we took stage. The show was as fun a they get. After the show we drove home. I drank until 10 am and then passed out in a drum case in the back of the van. A fitting end to yet another 8BX tour.



Tabliture & Liner notes
Flyers and Posters
8 Bucks Home
Backstage at the Azatlan. One of the first shows we ever did. I can't remember who else played that night, but I would bet fat cash they still aren't around. Crazy Chris photo.