Who What and Why
Shows Al wrecking things at the Cockstalking cd release party. The MR T Exp. headlined that night. Hard to believe we played with them. Needless to say the crowd was pretty diverse. The photo of Evan O is from the same night. Crazy Chris gets the photo credit.
Tabliture & Liner notes
Discography Bart and Heroin Bob on the set of SLC Punk. I don't know who shot the photo. It might have been me?!?
Flyers and Posters
8 Bucks Home
The amp junky wanted it up and so it is. I don't know who's shotty photo work this is.
Joey-Decline got so drunk he fell out of a chair (?!?) in South Bend In. Seen here passed out in the motel hallway. Al with the quick shutter.
Road rash on Evans brain somewhere in the south west. Al with the fuzzy edged photo.
Backstage at the Azatlan. One of the first shows we ever did. I can't remember who else played that night, but I would bet fat cash they still aren't around. Crazy Chris photo.
A place that was always off the hook, was the punk house in Co. Springs. This guy thought it would be cool to tackle me and then take down Bart in the middle of a song, the band played on. By the way that same guy managed to get a shotgun pulled on us latter that night while he was "finding" a "party". As we were driving away Dan smashed into Barts sisters brand new car. No damage to the van, but the car was destroyed. Crazy Chris with the photos
A local TV station put on a punk rock show a few years back. They had six bands playing and they were going to make videos for the bands. The place was over sold, security was being fucking lame as always, and the youth were restless. We played for about 20 min and they pulled the plug on us because the crowd was getting out of control. They took us to the basement of the club and said they were going to call the police and have us arrested for starting a riot. In the middle of them yelling at us, some guy came down and said people were threatening to burn the club down if we didn't get to play more. Reluctantly they let us finnish our set. If you were there that night you know how crazy that show was. Crazy Chris with the photos.
These four photos hold some mysteries and some truths so bare with me. I can't remember who we were playing with on this night. I do know were it was. The show was at Club 156 in Boulder which was a great venue because you could drink beer in the same room with the under 21 kids with out a fence or some other BS, plus when they had the right sound guy the place rocked hard. The next thing I know about these photos is that Crazy Chris took them all. The next mystery is that Chris said she meant to put the orange on the first shot. I think it ws the first frame on the roll. Mystery machine #3, in the second shot I have no idea what the hell I was doing with that shoe. Number 4, I think the kid in the third picture singing with me is Josh Kennedy, but I can't be sure. No mystery in the last one though-PURE ROCK. If you know anything about the show, the shoe, or the kid let us know. I'll throw down a signed full color flyer from a 156 show with information leading to the arrest and conviction of these mysteries.
I'm adding more to this all the time. If you have some photos of us send them to the Blue Moon address. More than Likely I will post them. I can't return anything that I get, (because I'm lazy and I lose stuff all the time) so make doubles .