Who What and Why


I've talked to Joey now that he is out and about again and it's time to run what people thought would be cool on halloween.

1. Joey D decided that getting too drunk to talk by 9pm would be cool.
2. The promoter thought it would be cool if we went on at 1:45 am
3. Joey D decided that not knowing how the strap on his bass worked would be cool
4. Joey D decided that using the bass in the wrong tuning would be cool.
5. After the second song Joey D thought it would be cool to quit the band
6. After watching us play two more songs without him Joey D thought it would be cool to rejoin the band
7 Joey D thought it would be cool to not know what bass to use or how to strap it on. . . again
8. Joey D thought it would be cool to throw the bass (which was Paiges) at Paige.
9. Joey D thought it would be cool to attempt to kick Paiges ass on stage.
10. Bullet Bob (our new drummer) thought it would be cool to kick Joey Ds ass on stage and then proceeded to kick said ass
11 Security thought it would be cool to call the Police
12 The police thought it would be cool to arrest Joey D on stage
13 The none arrested members of 8BX thought it would be cool to not care if Joey D got arrested
14 The none arrested members of 8BX thought it would be cool to finnish the set with out the arrested member.
15 the crowd that watched this knew that this was truly Rock and Roll and that 8BX is truly the most hard core, punk rock'n, heavy metal'n thing that Denver or any other town has going.
Fucking believe it.
16. After 8BX was done playing the promters thought it would be cool not to pay anyone. 17. Some people thought it would be cool to have $20,000 worth of pain was inflicted on the dressing room.
18. The toilets didn't want to be ripped out. . .they were. The Huge flat screen TV didn't want a chair thrown into it. . .it was. The tables didn't want to go threw the picture windows. . .they were.
18. A lot of people thought that $20 was to much to pay for and 8BX show. . . They were wrong. Dead Fucking Wrong.

There's the low down and here is my take.

Ok, Ok, Ok. I get it. . . You fuckers don't want to go see 8BX anymore. A lot of the same old same old. Been there done that. No, you are fucking wrong. Ok! Fucking wrong. You thought "Yea, I'll skip the halloween show. I wont pay the $30 beans for that shit. Way to go "Beavis". I mean you miss an 8BX show you miss allot. There you are. . .I don't need to see Joey Decline throw his bass (let me take that back. . . the bass that he borrowed from Paige) at Paige. Watch Paige flex hard on him and then watch Bullet Bob jump over the drum kit and beat the shit out of Joey. Yea, you didn't need to see that. Then you didn't need to see Joey get fucking arrested on stage. No you were wAAAAAAAAy to cool to see that go down. "I'll see them next time" guy.

OHHH yea there you are "super cool" guy sitting at home missing arrests and beat down. Good for you. I bet that "CSI" was great on TV that night! Listen right now I want you to go out and tell everyone you know that the last show that 8BX played we beat the shit out of each other on stage, and Joey got arrested on stage. Yea, fucking believe it. Oh yea I almost forgot $20,000 worth destruction was done to the dressing room that night. That's not a typo 20 grand, yea 20 large. All the while we managed to play a fast, tight, kick balls rock and roll show.


Photos by Michael McGill

Photos by Cricket Harris

Photos by Ryan Hetrick


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Backstage at the Azatlan. One of the first shows we ever did. I can't remember who else played that night, but I would bet fat cash they still aren't around. Crazy Chris photo.