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Notes and Photos from the UK Subs Tour

03-10-04 We've been playing a lot of theaters and big places as of late. Last night we strapped in and played one of the great shit holes of all time. . . The 15th Street Tavern. Yea, it was a Monday night. Yea, there aint free cocaine and blowjobs back stage. Hell, they don't even have a back stage. Who cares. We took a cut at the ball and wrecked the place. We busted out some new songs, some old favorites and tore that mother fucker down. To add to the madness I decided it would be good to vomit all the way through Fuck You Punx. Do'h. My boy Josh jumped on stage and sang the second half for me. I guess it couldn't happen to a nicer song. All and all it's just one more night of complete madness for the Experiment.


04-15-03- Yikes been a while since I hit this. The new Fuck You Punx 7" is out and about. Pick it up in the merch page. 8BX is going to be playing Jazz fest in New Orleans this year. Scope that out May 3rd at the Dixie Tavern.



I suck at getting the news up. . .Deal with it

04-06-02 New record is out now. Oh yea we are in the studio this weekend making new jams for the kiddies.


9-13-01 Holy Fuck... Shit is going nuts this week.

First and foremost we have much sorrow for the people who had their lives torn apart one way or anther by those plane crashes. A big middle finger for all people who think they need to impose their religious beliefs on others. Whether it is at an abortion clinic or at the WTC, that shit is un-called for. I don't know what the US is going to do next. I have no problems reducing the Taliban to rubble, but beating, taunting, or any other bull shit aimed and Arab-Americans is bullshit use your fucking head.

Second Joey Decline was teetering on the verge of personal breakdown, due in large part because of this band. Booze, dope and the American stage was taking its toll on my man. He has now quit the band has found a new direction. The events that rocked the US earlier this week has led him to join the Navy. In his place Todd Rat has joined the band. For those of you who would like to e-mail Joey he can be reached at joelcline@msn.com. Best of luck to you bro, I'm going to miss drinking, fight'n, and rocking with you for sure.

07.03.01 This aint no joke, this is my fucking life.

Back from the tour with Leasing Nations.

Money made-$00.00

Show Cancled -3

Promoters that lied to us- all but 3

Days drunk and stoned- All of them except for the first night in New Orleans that can't even qualify as drunk there has to be a new word for that shit. (I passed out in an ant pile with a hat on that said 73% redneck the rest is beer) Truly destroyed.

Shouts out to -

First and foremost everyone that came out to the shows and rocked out had a good time you all are kings and queens

Leasing Nations for hauling our shit all over the damn place, and making me laugh my ass off. Emo still sucks but you guys are like the little brothers I already have

The kids in Springfield (that live there and drove from KS) I'm sorry your pool got drained and that we almost caught your porch on fire.

To the Pig Stock crew, sorry for braking your mike. . thanks for letting us play with Buck Cherry and Monster Magnet to bad they are such coked-out rock stars they wouldn't leave their tour busses (one of them had a trailer on the back how much room do you need?) You can't play harder that Provoke and you can't drink more than circle 7. To the strippers on acid much love baby much love

The boys and girls that make Madison go round. Ed Temple get your shit together. Sarah when you want to get married you know my phone number.

The Michigan City Lunitic Punx and Skins . Nothing like a rain storm that knocks down power lines and trees in to the damn road. Steve-o and friends see ya next time. to the girls that charge a $100 to pee on you I'm saving my pennies.

Matt your band rocks but your promoting skills suck. to the girls that thought Leasing Nations was cute and we were scary. . .goscrewyourself

Lisa the show sucked but you rule

The girls in Medina. . .we'll be back when you are 18

Frank in Reading youdaman youdaman. the kids that gave me the demo i deleted your e-mail address write me back.

El Presidente is the best band you will never hear. Ch43 thanks for the show(s) we'll tear it up again next time. Liz thanks for coming out e-mail me. To the drummer of Gwar take us on tour damn it

Billy and Thersa thatnks for the show, the beer and the cabin.

Jamie that bar was a piece of garbage but the show was a good time and so was the beer. . .to the beep beep 1/2 girl band for the parking lot madness. . .to the guys that played last it sucks your shit broke seeya next time

THE MOBILE CRUSTIES they got a plan and their plan is destroy everything.

No love to the Thunderdome (who called the other clubs and told them not to let us play for being to rowdy) or Krispy Kream (who tried to get me arrested for drunk and disorderly) cockroaches. To the girls that drove up to the show much thanks for the throwing of bottles, the biting and other unspeakable acts of terror and pleasure

New Orleans got lots of thanks and lots of no thanks. The Dixie Tavern is one of my favorite places to play in the whole damn world. The bartender rulz. Much thanks to Bourbon St. Just for being Bourbon St. and to the gay hairdresser who got us wrecked after hours in his salon you're a strange strange man, but the gold tooth looks good. no love to the New Orleans PD for trying to bust us smoking dope on the side walk up yours and your scooters. to the girls with the ice cream. . .I aint that bad, no really. It goes without saying Sandy you kick much ass, I'm ready to meet your kid

Maggie thanks for the smokes. To beerland a great club on the come ups. Blunt Force Trauma (quality entertainment at a price you can afford), it sucks you had to break that guys nose with the mike. Kelly thanks for driving I suck

Zeros a fine hole in the wall. Extra thanks to the girl that drove Joey D around he needs you girl he really does. To the TV people that fed us and taped the show. how cool are you? it's infinite. to the big ass bruisers in the parking lot you mother fuckers are scary as hell, I'll play rock for you any time. and to home girl I forgot to call I suck.

to all the kids in Houston that showed up to see us I'm sorry we had to cancel.

If I forgot someone or something I'm sorry. There is lots of hazy shit.


May 27th

8BX finished recording their record. It is the angriest thing I have ever heard. Be afraid.

May 15th Blue Moon has a few things in the works right now. The first being the third Fuck You Punk 7". I don't want to jinx the deal by saying who for sure is on it yet, but if we get the bands we think we are getting it is going to be awesome.

The next thing we are working on is the art work for the next 8BX record. I don't know if we are putting it out, but for sure we are doing the art work.

The biggest project we are working on though is a web based distro type of thing. 8BX has been doing so much touring and meeting so many cool bands that I think I have come up with a cool way to distro records using the web. I haven't quite got the logistics of it but if you are in a band and our interested in getting under this umbrella please e-mail me. The one catch is that you need a record out, or enough music to make one. Duh. e-mail us

May 11 We are back from tour, and I'm still kind of in a haze. Here's the breakdown from my point of view. Black eyes, broken noses, strippers, a dominatrix in Kansas (not quite a Southern Belt, but damn close), Emergency Rooms, loss of memory, a suit you could smell from 10 feet, whore houses in Juarez MX, a blizzard, a tornado, sex in the street, the van, hotel rooms, back seats of cars (but none on film-damn it!) enough beer to drowned mortals and enough dope to choke cities. What no mention of Rock? It goes with out saying that when you put DRI and 8BX on a stage you get a recipe for bleeding ears and dancing feet.

If you have any photos of any of the above mentioned madness send us a copy. I promise to make it worth your while.