Who What and Why

Note- the stuff in Yellow is Evan, the stuff in green in Paige, the stuff in blue is Al, and the stuff in white is Joel. The songs that our underlined have links to MP3's

Equipment- Guitar (amps & stuff)- I use a 100 watt Marshall JCM 8oo head into two Marsh "B" speaker cabinets. For distortion I have a Danalectro Fab tone pedal and a Boss Hyper medal pedal. For effects I have a Boss Flanger and a Boss Delay pedal. I also use a Boss EQ pedal and a wha pedal. Most of our cords are Monster cables. For picks I use Eb3" glow in the dark "alien picks in med. gauge. Finally, I use a Korg rack tuner. (Guitars)- My main guitar is a 1990 Gibson Les Paul Studio. I play this guitar for our standard tuning songs. For back up, I have a 1987 Les Paul Standard. For our dropped tuned songs, I play an Ibanez RX Series 6 string. I also have an Ibanez 7 string, but I mostly use that guitar in the studio only because it is difficult to play live with. I also have a few acoustic guitars, but these are rarley played outside of our house.

Bass- (amps and stuff)- Joel uses a Galien Kruger RB 2000 head, and a SWR Goliath SR. speaker cabinet. (This cabinet has 6 ­ 10" speakers in it). On occasion he will use our Macaly 1-15" bottom speaker cabinet. (Bass’s)-Joel plays a Fender P-Light Jazz bass, and a Peavey Foundation bass.

Squawk Box - One of three songs that I had one line or less when I got to the studio. I asked Matt to roll tape, and I sang it on the first try. Just making stuff up as I went. After listening to it for a couple of days the second verse really started to bug me. I went back in and redid that. The lyrics to this are pretty self explanatory. TV Blows. (hypocrite that I am I do admit to watching Bronco games like an addiction)

Payback- Lyrically this went threw a million changes from the get go. Instead of Payback I used to say back swept, but it sounded like Bisquick. When I first wrote it I was thinking about the idea of two steps forward one step back. Trying to better yourself, but always running into problems. It latter evolved into what it is now- someone just loosing it. I had a working title of "the Ballad of Charles Whitman" for awhile, but Paige canned that idea.

Southern Beltz- We met some girls in a porn shop at four in the morning after playing Emo's in Austin. They came back to the house we were staying at, and the next morning we had a new song!

Gasoline and Dramamine- One of two songs I hated before we recorded them. It took me six months to come up for words to this. The band wanted it to be about the Red Baron. I didn't / don't know anything about the Red Baron. Everything I tried sucked though, so we were in a pickle. Ten minutes before I was supposed to record it I went and had a smoke in the van. the whole thing just sort of fell onto the paper. I lucked out on that one.

Columbine Death March- I wrote this April 21st 1999 at 2am walking home from the bar. I'm not going to get into the act here if you want to talk about it with me e-mail me. I didn't write this to be a tribute to anyone I wrote it as if I was a reporter. Anything you read into it is YOU, not me. Lastly we don't like playing this live for a few reasons. If you have seen us play it consider yourself lucky.

China Girl- Everyone knows a fallen angel. Now you have a song to sing when you think of them.

Marijuana Americ ana- The other song I hated playing before we recorded it. I couldn't get this written to save my life. We were making a demo and the song just wouldn't come. Me and Al were sitting in the studio and he said Evan you got shit for a song why don't you call it Marijuana Americana". A light went on in my head he pressed record and I sang the whole thing on the fly first try. The demo version isn't what's on the album, but I plan on releasing it one day. (Note- The Demo version is on the Disciples of Rock ep)

Crocodile- If there was a turning point for this band it is this song. The band was in a shambles we had a revolving door for guitarist, everything we were doing sucked. The words weren't meant to be a song, they were just a mirror of how frustrated I had become. Joel happened to be over jacking around with Paige in the basement with their guitars, Al joined in, I was drawn down there to sing it. Really strange. We wrote Payback that night as well.

Electric Chapel- Greg Dahl said something about emo bands not being able to worship at the electric chapel at the Fang show in Ft. Collins. I really liked that and made it in to a song.

The Door- There is a girl with a beautiful soul living in Oregon. We couldn't seem to make it happen with each other though. Not really a lyrical master piece here, just something that I felt the whole time we lived together.

Hey Joe- We recorded this for SLC Punk. They needed a video for Germany. They wanted us to do I Will Survive, we just couldn't get it to sound right. Plus Cake had already done a pretty good version. The day we did this it was the last song and everyone was pretty burned out. I told the engineer to roll tape on the practice take. I knew I was going to nail it and the first try, and then not be able to sing it again right for an hour. What you hear is that first take. We got work with Elmo Weber on this session, that was really cool. Unfortinatly all the songs we did that day were lost except for this one. I wish I had them back.

Wall of Noise- One of the coolest things I've ever seen in the studio. The band was set up live without me. They went in rolled tape and started playing. Nine minutes later they had this song. No overdubs, no bullshit. One take. Crazy. Lyrically it is just me being frustrated with the state of punk rock in the last five years. What is cool, what is not who can blow the doors off a club with amps, who sells lots of tickets because they have a good promo department. Rarely are they the same band.

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