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All 7 " are $4.00ppd or

2 for $6.00ppd

Here is the Scoop for the 7" page. The Color of the Rectangle is the color of vinyl it was originally pressed on. We have noted the pressing the record is on. If it isn't on it's first press expect to get black vinyl. We did this for the record nerds, you can thank us later.

FYP vol 3 V/A BMR018 (first press) clear vinyl

The UK Subs- Terroristos (unreleased) Ed Temple- Alive and Well (unreleased) DRI- I'm the Liar The Eight Bucks Experiment- Fuck You Punx.

FYP vol. 2 V/A 7" BMR013 (first press) Live Zeke (two songs), and JCCC (their last recording). Studio work from the Eight Bucks Experiment, and the Confessions. I don't know what to say about this record, except that it is insanely good. Worth the price just for the poster on the inside.

FYP vol. 1 V/A 7" BMR011 (first press)

The Eight Bucks Experiment (an early version of Southern Beltz), the Familymen, Superbuick, and Giant Killer. This is one bad mudder. We only printed 300, and they are sold out, check e-bay I guess

Four / 8-Bucks Experiment split 7" BMR004 (second pressing)

Sca-Core via Four and manic crisis that is the Experiment. This is old, but it still rocks your ass

Get the god damn scanner to work.

8 Bucks (pre-experiment) 7" BMR002 (first press) Slow, dark, pretty damn unnerving. Recommended that this is not your first 8- Bucks record. This was recorded during a blizzard in the winter of 95. The cabin fever made for some strange takes. The only record still available with all 5 original members recorded

Uphollow / Ed Temple split 7" BMR006 (second pressing)

Pop with balls!?! We have been selling this record for 4 years, and I've never seen a copy in a used bin and I've never had someone tell me they didn't like it. It's that good.

The Emirs / Sizewell split 7" BMR007 (first press) Tight as a noose and just as devastating to the human condition. Both of these bands broke up shortly after the release. We ended up sending out about 500 of them for free to our mailing list. Now we have 20 or so left. It wont be repressed, but if you can get your hands on it, you wont be disappointed.

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I thought I would clear up one more thing. . . the lack of MP3s for any of the 7". All of these records except for the first one were made from DAT. I've been too lazy to ever have them burned onto a cd, so there is no way to get them on to the computer. As far as the first one goes I only have permission to make a record, not to put it on the web. Sorry Charlie.

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