Who What and Why

Fear and Loathing on the American Stage.

All of these photos are from the last DRI 8BX tours

The whole thing is kind of a blur of beer, dope and rock,. We can figure out where some of this shit happened, but for the rest of it maybe you can help. I do know the top photo is NOT in the ER after Joey-Decline lost his fucking mind in the desert, on Booze, Dope, and the American Stage

Tabliture and Liner notes
Flyers and Posters
8 Bucks Home
F@ck You Punx, we came to get down with the lunatics and drunks
If you think that Alfred didn't where the same stinking ass flight suite for 20 straight days your wrong. If you think that it didn't stink up the van your wrong again.
Our new man Davis, on the skins. He will take your ass to court when it comes to Eating, Sleeping and Drumming.
Blue Moon Home
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Paige Breaking Out With Some Grace Through Fury
I think this was in Virginia on the worst up stage ever made
New Orleans. Three people flew to the show that night to see us, our roadie broke some guys nose, Joey D got sucker punched, and then we swam the gutters home. The Big Easy rules.
The Agora in Cleveland. The Birth Place of Rock
Worshiping at the Electric Chapel NYC
I star studded shot of Andy from Leasing Nations, Andy from Ed Temple, and Paige in a shit hole bar in Wis. I think there was about 4 fights there in the hour that we hung out. Including one involving multiple girls!!! That is PUNK RAWK
Even though this venue is huge it makes me think Puppet show then Spinal Tap.
The first person to e-mail me the who this is asleep on the hard wood with Als sock on their face wins a t-shirt! The Contest has been won. I promissed I wouldn't tell who it is though so you will have to guess.

Here's the breakdown from my point of view.

Black eyes, broken noses, strippers, a dominatrix in Kansas (not quite a Southern Belt, but damn close), Emergency Rooms, loss of memory, a suit you could smell from 10 feet, whore houses in Juarez MX, a blizzard, a tornado, sex in the street, the van, hotel rooms, back seats of cars (but none on film-damn it!) enough beer to drowned mortals and enough dope to choke cities. What no mention of Rock? It goes with out saying that when you put DRI and 8BX on a stage you get a recipe for bleeding ears and dancing feet.

If you have any photos of any of the above mentioned madness send us a copy. I promise to make it worth your while.

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