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We will get the tech stuff ASAP but for now all we have are my ramblings.

Full Throttle- Send me to hell on a four day bender so fucking twisted I don't remember. That pretty much sums up my life. The sex noise you hear during the solo on the album is the real deal. Paige brought his girlfriend in to the studio. We taped up the windows, miked the room and they went at it. Half ass nothing.

Sick Of It- Being broke, people telling you what to do, cliques, and the poor poor ruling class rubbing their snotty egos in your face. Yea, I guess that is what made this. Thanks P.Puff Diddly Duffus you're an inspiration to us all.

One Of These Days- This song has never been recorded well until now. We rushed the recording job on Cockstalking, and the movie guys didn't quite get it right live, so we went back and redid it. Now our most popular song sounds good on a record. Yea.

Volume Junky- When I wrote this we had been touring almost nonstop for about 6 months. Everything we did all day was at full volume, the cd player in the van, the bands that we played with and our shows. When Paige played me the riff I was just blown away. This song stomps a mud hole in your ass.

Centavo- I think this is the 5th song we wrote, meaning if you are 16 now we wrote it when you were 8. When Dan left we kind of let the song die. Then we started playing the East Coast a lot and we wanted to bring back some more hard-core style stuff. This song was perfect for that. We changed the lyrics up a bit from the past and we added a couple of tiny guitar parts, but this is truly old skool 8BX

Fuck You Punx- Eight years of touring will expose you to a lot of fucked up people. The people that 'society' calls fuck ups are my best friends. To put it another way a guy in a hip-hop jazz type of band was at my house and we were talking about shows and crowds. He was telling me about the cute college girls at his shows. I pointed to a photo on my fridge of a kid at one of our shows with a huge tattoo on his back that reads "fuck the world and all that oppose us". Those are my people flying the finger, drinking, smoking, fucking, yea the fuck you punx all right. True story and a real tattoo.

Red Line- I think this was the second song we wrote. Like One of These Days and Centavo it was never recorded right until now. Drive fast cowboy but buckle up cuz safety is no accident.

Razor Back- We've been turned down by a lot of labels and had a lot of lame shit written about us. This song is for the people that just don't get what the hell we or our fuck up fans are about. The world doesn't need another band to sound like NOFX or another emo zine. I truly believe that honesty, integrity and creativity are still values worth having.

Salvation- I think that the lyrics speak for themselves and I also think this is the best overall song we ever wrote.

Shitlands- Damn this song has evolved so many times it isn't even funny. Live this is the song that puts arena rock back into the shit bar. I wrote the breakdown part while washing dishes at the pizza place I work at. It is so funny to think of someone like Mariha Karry that bitches and moans about her stress. While she was having her 'breakdown' we wrote and recorded this album, played over a hundred shows and kept 'real' jobs on the side to pay for it all. What a chicken shit she is.

Chasing the Dragon- I didn't want to do this song at all and really wasn't cool with the idea of Paige singing on it. Now I'm super glad he convinced me to make this happen. As a side note Paige had some super ruff notes on what the song should be about he did his lyrics in one take and I did mine in one shot with nothing written down. You try talking about losing your mind for 7 min with out notes tough guy.

Pay the Piper- Wake up and smell the pavement. If you follow our ideas / actions to closely it will fuck you. In eight years this is the break down. 11 total member, 5 guys totally couldn't hang, two lost their minds, 2 DUI's, 3 trips to the hospital for ODing, $10,000 in debt, 3 vans, a broken arm, a twisted ankle, a shattered hand, two broken thumbs, a broken pinkie, numerous large cuts, a billion bruises, guns being pulled on us twice, two black eyes, and two arrests. Everything we do is full on, this aint no vanity band. You have to pay the piper to play this game.

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